Q: What’s this blog all about?

We’re a hus­band and wife team with a love for unique hand­craf­ted items — see the About page for more details, or the Gallery for some examples of our work.

This blog is to keep people up to date with our work, to talk about cre­ativ­ity and hand­craft­ing in gen­er­al, and to show­case the cre­at­ive work of oth­er people.

If you know of some­thing that might interest us, why not drop us a line?

Q: Did you know you’ve put an extra ‘e’ in ‘unruly’?

Indeed. One half of the team has ‘Ruley’ as her maid­en name – but this quickly became ‘UnRuley’ because, well, she is!

Q. Etsy is show­ing prices in US Dollars, but I’m buy­ing from the UK.

We’re based in the UK and ship from the UK, but Etsy are a US site so prices have to be in USD. However we’ll hap­pily accept money with either mon­archs or pres­id­ents on it, and we have sat­is­fied cus­tom­ers on both sides of the pond.

Paypal will auto­mat­ic­ally handle the cur­rency con­ver­sion when you check out. (Additionally, thanks to a recent Etsy update, if you’re view­ing from out­side the US, Etsy should now be show­ing you an approx­im­ate amount in your loc­al cur­rency as well).

Q: There’s a piece in one of the pho­to­graphs that I really like, but I can­’t find it on Etsy.

Contact us — the chances are it’s either sold or it’s on sale some­where in the phys­ic­al world, but we will very gladly make some­thing sim­il­ar for you.

Q: Do you accept com­mis­sions?

Of course: drop us a line to dis­cuss what you’d like.

Q: Why don’t you use the Etsy ‘pock­et­shop’ wid­get?

We thought it was a little busy for the front page, but here it is:


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