My husband, Ben, is a writer. I know I’m an impartial reader, but I have to say, he’s really very good indeed.

five yearsBen is imaginative. But then, you’d need to have plenty of imagination in order to have interesting stories to tell.  Imaginative may be too obvious and not sufficiently descriptive. So I guess that’s not quite what I mean. Or at least, not entirely.

Ben is thoughtful. His stories taste of the hidden in our every day. Gentle and quiet, like him. And so funny. Deeply, cleverly funny. Fortunately this is my review, so I can gush with double whammy praise of thoughtful and humorous. And touching. His stories make me smile.

To celebrate our wedding, every year Ben writes me a story themed on that years anniversary; cotton, leather, linen and silk. The stories are about magic and bravery. The things it takes to be in partnership, with yourself and others. The mysterious. The daring and fierce determination to overcome seemingly insurmountable things; beliefs, scars, dreams, hope, fear. His stories to me are about triumph and love. They are personal and beautiful and I adore them.

The forest brideThis year Ben’s story was running a little late. That’s what happens when you create something, it has a life all its own. If you want to keep with it, you must listen to the voice telling you what to do, be patient and live it out. I guess that’s what happened with my story. But then, Ben is a very patient man. This I know.

It arrived five months late. Or just in time, depending on who you ask. It was worth the wait. Plus, he gave me lovely artwork to tide me over.  My five year anniversary story is a puzzle game called The Forest Bride. It’s beautiful.

You would do me a great kindness if you followed The Forest Bride puzzle game story. I think, I really do believe you will enjoy what he created.

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