My hus­band, Ben, is a writer. I know I’m an impar­tial read­er, but I have to say, he’s really very good indeed.

five yearsBen is ima­gin­at­ive. But then, you’d need to have plenty of ima­gin­a­tion in order to have inter­est­ing stor­ies to tell.  Imaginative may be too obvi­ous and not suf­fi­ciently descript­ive. So I guess that’s not quite what I mean. Or at least, not entirely.

Ben is thought­ful. His stor­ies taste of the hid­den in our every day. Gentle and quiet, like him. And so funny. Deeply, clev­erly funny. Fortunately this is my review, so I can gush with double whammy praise of thought­ful and humor­ous. And touch­ing. His stor­ies make me smile.

To cel­eb­rate our wed­ding, every year Ben writes me a story themed on that years anniversary; cot­ton, leath­er, lin­en and silk. The stor­ies are about magic and bravery. The things it takes to be in part­ner­ship, with your­self and oth­ers. The mys­ter­i­ous. The dar­ing and fierce determ­in­a­tion to over­come seem­ingly insur­mount­able things; beliefs, scars, dreams, hope, fear. His stor­ies to me are about tri­umph and love. They are per­son­al and beau­ti­ful and I adore them.

The forest brideThis year Ben’s story was run­ning a little late. That’s what hap­pens when you cre­ate some­thing, it has a life all its own. If you want to keep with it, you must listen to the voice telling you what to do, be patient and live it out. I guess that’s what happened with my story. But then, Ben is a very patient man. This I know.

It arrived five months late. Or just in time, depend­ing on who you ask. It was worth the wait. Plus, he gave me lovely art­work to tide me over.  My five year anniversary story is a puzzle game called The Forest Bride. It’s beau­ti­ful.

You would do me a great kind­ness if you fol­lowed The Forest Bride puzzle game story. I think, I really do believe you will enjoy what he cre­ated.

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