The Beady Eyed Craftster is our embar­rass­ingly inter­mit­tent round-up of shiny (mostly) art, design, craft and illus­tra­tion related links from across the internets.

This time: double exposures, crockery tentacles, model birds, geographic coasters, interactive amoeba and a beard.



• It’s good to remember that doing clever things with photographs didn’t start with Photoshop: take a look at these remarkable double exposure portraits from Sarah K. Byrne. I love the ethereal and vintage-y look. (There’s a link to a tutorial from the artist, in case you’re a non-digital photographer who’d like to try it out). [Via Colossal]

• Also on Colossal: tentacles! Also, barnacles, sponges and starfish. Check out this sea-life encrusted crockery from Mary O’Malley. Great for sipping tea in an octopus’s garden in the shade!

• Birds are one of my favourite things to illustrate, so I’m in awe of these spectacular painted paper-craft birds by Johan Scherft. They really are incredible pieces of work, both in the design and in the painting. “There’s a lot of trial and error involved before a model is satisfactory”, says the artist, “Each species has its own distinctive shape, so I never use a standard design”. [Via My Modern Met]

• Also one of my favourite things: maps. Maps are cool. So are these DIY map coasters, and the straightforward tutorial on how to make them. Set course for the Country Chic Cottage to find out more.

• Video time: Fiet is a sculpture that reacts to sound. It looks like a floating alien amoeba/cone thing, and it quivers if you shout at it. Every home should have one. [Via Design Milk]

• And finally, from the mysterious fantasy land we call ‘Etsy’ comes this amazing crocheted Bombur hat, styled after Bombur’s beard in The Hobbit film. It’s not every day you see a hat based on dwarven facial hair. It might make a good gift for someone who is sadly unable to grow their own beard.

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