The Beady Eyed Craftster is our embar­rass­ingly inter­mit­tent round-up of shiny (mostly) art, design, craft and illus­tra­tion related links from across the inter­nets.

This week: love, wood, maps, clay, bricks and trixels.


• First up, some stun­ning ink and water­col­our illus­tra­tion work from Levi Hastings in response to the Marriage Equality law passing in Washington State. I’m very envi­ous of the artist’s water­col­our tech­nique. [Via Illustration Age]

• Tutorial time: I’ve done some lino print­ing before, but wood­b­lock print­ing has always inter­ested me – so this Craft Tuts+ step-by-step guide looks very use­ful.

• I love maps, espe­cially fic­tion­al ones, so Imaginary Atlas was a real find (see what I did there?) – it’s a cur­ated col­lec­tion of maps of ima­gin­ary places, and includes maps of fic­tion­al worlds, game maps, remixed real world maps and art maps.

• Polymer clay is a ver­sat­ile medi­um, but it can be tough to work with – so I’m in awe of Quernus Crafts won­der­ful little PMC sculp­tures – check them out. [Found via Geek Crafts]

• Also awe­some are these large scale Lego builds from Mike Doyle over at Colossal. I love the lush­ness and organ­ic com­plex­ity that he’s man­aged to build into this fant­ast­ic work: it really looks like all 200,000(!) bricks were placed with great care and atten­tion to detail.

• And finally, I’ve men­tioned it before, but it’s really worth tak­ing a look at Made In Hexels, a blog fea­tur­ing work made with the Hexels tool (see my review). If you like pixel art, well, it’s like that, but using tri­angles or hexagons (trixels or hexels) instead. (They are even a couple of my pieces up there).

Found some­thing you’d like to see on Beady Eyed Craftster? Let us know in the com­ments, or drop us a line.

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