Over the past year it is safe to say our art and work spaces have been less cre­at­ive and more stor­age-unit. Less craft-zone, more war-zone. Work and the lack of, or wrong type of stor­age, and the ador­able tyranny of a puppy have con­spired against us (and chewed us in equal meas­ure). Typical chal­lenges for  people short on space and long on interests, hob­bies and busy lives.


Monty the sock thief

When we got Monty our main con­cern was to put things where his curi­os­ity and sharp teeth couldn’t find them. Hiding things on tables, in boxes, and on shelves out of harms way. Mostly we suc­ceeded. Mostly.

Our first year with Monty was great! So great. Even with all the chewed socks and broken crock­ery (he’s fast and furi­ous!). Lots of love and adven­ture. But there were com­prom­ises. Time and space for cre­ativ­ity re-alloc­ated to work and furry-par­ent­hood. Work spaces left dis­or­gan­ised, re-pur­posed, ignored.

And so it went. Until one day we looked at each oth­er and said Enough!

A few months later we got organ­ised. Winking smile

creative organising

I heart art

The office /dressing room /Monty’s room /art room /library /storage room was taken apart.  We shuffled, moved, unpacked, revised, cursed, sneezed and took stock. The right kind of stor­age was assessed and lis­ted in order of urgency and afford­ab­il­ity. We amused (or do I mean des­paired?) ourselves with the amount of mess made in pro­gress towards re-defin­ing the space. Monty was amused as well. Mostly with all the cool things he could sneak and chew while our backs were turned. So many socks and tis­sue, so little time!

The pro­cess took months to plan but just a few week­ends to attack. It isn’t com­plete, light­ing issues need sort­ing, but we’re well on our way to a more har­mo­ni­ous work/puppy/muse bal­ance. Ben’s work­space con­tin­ues to evolve, but he has more hob­bies to man­age in a tightly con­fined space. Really he needs a stu­dio to allow free­dom to paint any size can­vas, but that’s not some­thing we can re-organ­ise into exist­ence. A pro­ject for anoth­er time, a dif­fer­ent house.

jewellery drawers

Everything in its place

The biggest win for me has been stor­age for my jew­ellery sup­plies. One simple piece of fur­niture has made a huge dif­fer­ence in how I func­tion. The craft table, once full of sup­plies, stuffed and jumbled togeth­er,  is clut­ter free (ish). Supplies sor­ted and placed in the appro­pri­ate draw­er. I feel spoiled to have stor­age alloc­ated for one spe­cif­ic solu­tion that won’t have to serve dual-pur­pose. It’s magic.

Structure and organ­isa­tion makes me feel good. I crave meth­od, everything hav­ing a place, des­pite being messy by nature. It helps me be calm and cre­at­ive. Nearly every day I sit down at a clear, clean space, reach into a draw­er to pull out the sup­plies I need and start work­ing. Time is still lim­ited, but the space is there. Ready. I’m already reap­ing the bene­fits with an increase in cre­ativ­ity and pro­ductiv­ity. Not to men­tion a lack of clut­ter induced anxi­ety!

Time to devise per­fect stor­age solu­tions for the rest of the room before Spring comes and the garden claims me!

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