Over the past year it is safe to say our art and work spaces have been less creative and more storage-unit. Less craft-zone, more war-zone. Work and the lack of, or wrong type of storage, and the adorable tyranny of a puppy have conspired against us (and chewed us in equal measure). Typical challenges for  people short on space and long on interests, hobbies and busy lives.


Monty the sock thief

When we got Monty our main concern was to put things where his curiosity and sharp teeth couldn’t find them. Hiding things on tables, in boxes, and on shelves out of harms way. Mostly we succeeded. Mostly.

Our first year with Monty was great! So great. Even with all the chewed socks and broken crockery (he’s fast and furious!). Lots of love and adventure. But there were compromises. Time and space for creativity re-allocated to work and furry-parenthood. Work spaces left disorganised, re-purposed, ignored.

And so it went. Until one day we looked at each other and said Enough!

A few months later we got organised. Winking smile

creative organising

I heart art

The office /dressing room /Monty’s room /art room /library /storage room was taken apart.  We shuffled, moved, unpacked, revised, cursed, sneezed and took stock. The right kind of storage was assessed and listed in order of urgency and affordability. We amused (or do I mean despaired?) ourselves with the amount of mess made in progress towards re-defining the space. Monty was amused as well. Mostly with all the cool things he could sneak and chew while our backs were turned. So many socks and tissue, so little time!

The process took months to plan but just a few weekends to attack. It isn’t complete, lighting issues need sorting, but we’re well on our way to a more harmonious work/puppy/muse balance. Ben’s workspace continues to evolve, but he has more hobbies to manage in a tightly confined space. Really he needs a studio to allow freedom to paint any size canvas, but that’s not something we can re-organise into existence. A project for another time, a different house.

jewellery drawers

Everything in its place

The biggest win for me has been storage for my jewellery supplies. One simple piece of furniture has made a huge difference in how I function. The craft table, once full of supplies, stuffed and jumbled together,  is clutter free (ish). Supplies sorted and placed in the appropriate drawer. I feel spoiled to have storage allocated for one specific solution that won’t have to serve dual-purpose. It’s magic.

Structure and organisation makes me feel good. I crave method, everything having a place, despite being messy by nature. It helps me be calm and creative. Nearly every day I sit down at a clear, clean space, reach into a drawer to pull out the supplies I need and start working. Time is still limited, but the space is there. Ready. I’m already reaping the benefits with an increase in creativity and productivity. Not to mention a lack of clutter induced anxiety!

Time to devise perfect storage solutions for the rest of the room before Spring comes and the garden claims me!

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