Taking pictures of our articles just got a lot easier. And faster! Thanks to the spiffy light weight light box Ben bought last month. The cube is a soft white foldable material, very useful in small, confined craft spaces (hello! That would be me/us). Prayer Beads

During today’s first round of experiments I found that even in dark gray winter light you can get some pretty good images, using our nice but average camera. When the sun started dipping low on the horizon I used a flashlight/torch shining down from the top of the box gave a muted effect. I may use that trick again with a brighter bulb.

P1160717In minimal light colours glow amazingly.  Details are captured without hours of manipulation. Phew! Having a portable backdrop means there’s no need to hide a messy craft area/desk/table/floor/whathaveyou.

I’d like to spend more time working with the additional colour backdrops and play with more and less light. I have a feeling future images will be improved as I learn to get the most out of this tool. So far, so darn good I can’t stop smiling. Smile

Thanks to Ben for finding this little gem. It lights up our articles with a warm, yet unfuzzy camera ready glow. I suspect his evil plan has worked; expect more blog posts and Etsy listings from me this Spring!


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