The Beady Eyed Craftster is our (mostly) weekly round-up of shiny links from across the inter­nets. As you’re prob­ably aware, last Thursday was Valentine’s day, so there’s been a lot of really great related stuff on the inter­net – so this is a little round-up of love.



• First up, this won­der­ful robot-based card from Angela Melick bear­ing the tra­di­tion­al (for robots) mes­sage: “My love for you is with­in tol­er­ance as spe­cified by the dimen­sioned draw­ing that you sup­plied”. It’s pos­sible that the artist’s engin­eer­ing back­ground is show­ing!

• Over to Etsy now, for some nice print work from 4Four. For example: “I Love You…even when you steal all the cov­ers”. He/she also does a nice line in break-up cards (“I want my stuff back”) – but, dis­ap­point­ingly, no 2‑for‑1 offer for a Valentine’s/Break-up combo!

• Also on Etsy, this neat Yoda Valentine’s card (“Love you I do”) from PJ McQuade. If you’ve nev­er pic­tured Yoda as Cupid before, now is your chance – wheth­er you want to or not.

• Sticking with Star Wars, here’s Admiral Ackbar deliv­er­ing his catch­phrase in this some­what ambi­val­ent Valentine’s card from Sarah Herrmann – but if your sig­ni­fic­ant oth­er has a fully oper­a­tion­al death­star, this may be the card for you.

• Back down to (Middle) Earth now, with these ador­able Dwarven Valentine’s from Yunitea. Really sweet work, and if you’re seek­ing a burg­lar part­ner for an epic adven­ture then why not say it with dwarves?

• Last but not least, these Science Valentines from Stephoodle have been doing the inter­net rounds this week – and with good cause, as they’re really cool. Were I to be churl­ish, I might sug­gest that includ­ing Professor Brian Cox among the giants of sci­ence is a ques­tion­able decision, but I can’t really com­plain, as my favour­ite sci­ence dude –Alan Turing– is included. (Of course, giv­en Alan’s troubles it seems like the mes­sage ought to have been “Maybe don’t per­se­cute me into an early grave because of whom I choose to love” – but I don’t think that would have been a big seller.)

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