The Beady Eyed Craftster is our (mostly) weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the inter­nets — wel­come to the first 2013!

Just as we looked back last time, many of the blogs I usu­ally read have ‘best of’ art­icles – so it might be a bit meta, but this is a col­lec­tion of col­lec­tions! (Plus a splash of col­our to wel­come in the new year.)




• First up; Colossal is prob­ably my abso­lute favour­ite art blog; here is their “Top 15 Posts on Colossal in 2012”. I’ve actu­ally linked to sev­er­al of them in earli­er BECs, but they’re all worth a look.

• I’m not sure what’s up with the num­ber 15, but Creative Bloq also have a 15 item round-up, in this case of “How to brand a logo: 2012’s design trends”. Branding is some­thing I find very inter­est­ing; a dif­fer­ent set of con­straints and pri­or­it­ies to nor­mal illus­tra­tion.

• And if that’s piqued your interest in brand­ing, check out Fast Co. Design’sLooking back at 2012’s Best Branding” – what I find par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing is that some of the examples are unof­fi­cial and uncom­mis­sioned work that improves on the ‘real’ ver­sions.

• Something that really seemed to gath­er steam in 2012 was 3D print­ing. Even though it’s been around for a while, 2012 seemed to be the year when main­stream media really star­ted to pick up on it. MAKE has a great set of examples in “Best of 2012: 3D Printed Objects”.

• Art now; The Guardian has a series on the “Best art exhib­i­tions of 2012” with some really inter­est­ing stuff – well worth a look. I don’t think I actu­ally got to any art exhib­i­tions this year, but at least I can read about them.

• So, that’s 2012 but what about 2013; at this point you may be won­der­ing “What’s the Pantone col­our of 2013?”. Well, won­der no more; it’s Emerald 175641. They don’t say on what basis this is the col­our of 2013, but they do say “Since antiquity, this lumin­ous, mag­ni­fi­cent hue has been the col­or of beauty and new life in many cul­tures and reli­gions.” so there’s that. Frankly the col­our looks more teal than emer­ald to me; there’s almost as much blue as green in there – but that may be why I’m not a lead­ing col­our match­ing cor­por­a­tion!

That’s it for this week; I hope 2013 is treat­ing you well so far, and con­tin­ues to do so.

If you’ve got any links you think should fea­ture in future Beady Eyed Craftsters, why not con­tact us or leave a com­ment below.

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