The Beady Eyed Craftster is our (mostly) weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the internets.


• First up: shadow sculp­ture.  Tim Noble and Sue Webster make sculp­tures out of junk metal and dis­carded wood; it looks pretty ran­dom, but when prop­erly illu­min­ated the shadow forms a fig­ur­at­ive image, usu­ally a self-portrait. Clever stuff. [Via Colossal]

• Street art now, from Andre Muniz Gonzaga over at Hi-Fructose; he paints on irreg­u­lar sur­faces like rocks, run down walls and crum­bling con­crete, work­ing with their ran­dom fea­tures to add painted fea­tures. I love the way these strange faces lend what are clearly neg­lected areas a fairy tale like touch.

• Another inter­est­ing jux­ta­pos­i­tion now: Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow have designed a set of mod­ern plastic hous­ings for ancient flint tools. These pieces clev­erly merge today’s cut­ting edge Apple-esque design with pre­his­toric (lit­eral) cutting-edge tech­no­logy, and I find the res­ult oddly unset­tling. [Via DesignBoom]

• Here’s a great piece on the hi-speed water pho­to­graphy of Markus Reugels over at Fast Co. Design – not only does it have a great gal­lery of stun­ning images, but it goes into more detail about the tech­nique used, which I always find very interesting.

• In fact, talk­ing of tech­nique, I was pleased to find this post show­ing some of illus­tra­tion Scott C’s work­ing tech­nique. I linked to Scott C’s charm­ing water­col­our pop-culture illus­tra­tions a few weeks back, so it’s really fas­cin­at­ing to see how they’re produced.

• And finally; ‘zoetrope’ is one of my favour­ite words, and also one of my favour­ite obsol­ete mov­ing pic­ture tech­no­lo­gies – so I was glad to see it being given a bit of a mod­ern makeover by Jeremy Van Grinsven. Using a laser-cut acrylic disk, some LEDs and some clever tech­nical gub­bins he’s made a super-cool look­ing zoetrope – check it out. [Found via Make].

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