The Beady Eyed Craftster is our (mostly) weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the internets.


• Let’s start with an install­a­tion piece; Jacob Hashimoto has cre­ated a stun­ning and chaotic piece con­sist­ing of hun­dreds of paper kites. It’s a fairly incred­ible work, maybe too busy, but must be breath-taking to see in per­son. [Via DesignBoom]

• From kites to but­ter­flies now, and another install­a­tion piece – but a mov­able one in this case; Tasha Lewis cre­ates guer­rilla install­a­tions using 400 prin­ted cot­ton but­ter­flies on mag­nets. Clever, non-destructive and cool-looking. [Via Colossal]

• Tutorial time! My wife really likes solid per­fume, so I was very inter­ested in this how-to art­icle on mak­ing little tins of solid per­fume as wed­ding favours. Looks dis­tinctly doable, too. [Via Etsy]

• And another tutorial! As some who does both digital and can­vas based art, I’ve been won­der­ing about using some form of image trans­fer to com­bine the two, and this art­icle from Lil Blue Boo looks like a good place to start. It describes using acrylic gel medium to trans­fer an laser prin­ted image from paper to can­vas – check it out.

• Talking of paper, you really should take a look at these amaz­ing paper sculp­tures from Jen Stark. Really stun­ning and col­our­ful stuff, and the effort that must have gone into hand-cutting them is incredible.

• And finally, how about some art/illustration from Hector Mansilla? Charming and amus­ing work that’s def­in­itely worth a look.

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