Time to share a new and some­what pun-tastic pic­ture – click through for the big version.

gullsThis was a bit of an work­flow exper­i­ment for me:

• I drew the lines in Inkscape first so that I had an ‘ink’ version.

• I then did the ‘col­our­ing in’ in Infinite Painter – which I talk about here – on my tab­let, mean­ing I could do this dur­ing in my com­mute into work.

• I worked on sev­eral dif­fer­ent lay­ers so I didn’t need to worry about over­lap, then expor­ted each layer indi­vidu­ally and emailed them to myself.

• Back at home I impor­ted them into Inkscape (using the clip­ping func­tion to tidy up where I’d gone over the lines) and assembled the fin­ished picture.

It sounds like a hassle but it actu­ally worked very well, and being able to do some of the work on the train is very nice.

By the way, one of the unfor­tu­nate side-effects of this image is that I find myself men­tally sub­sti­tut­ing ‘gull’ for ‘girl’ when I hear a song titles/lyrics:

California Gulls
Gull from Ipanema
Uptown Gull
Gulls on my Mind
Good Gull Gone Bad

Feel free to add your own!

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