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• Let’s start with some art: Hollis Brown Thornton produces some wonderful and nostalgic pieces. I’m particularly impressed with his pixelated acrylic paintings. From his artist’s statement: “Dealing with themes of memory and change, Thornton uses family photos, pop culture, world events, and outdated media to illustrate the modern relevance of these past objects and events. In acrylic paintings, pigment transfers, and marker drawings, the use of erasure and fragmentation represent memory’s imperfections.”

• Next up: check out these maps from Christoph Niemann over at Abduzeedo. Done in the Google Maps style and colour palette, they’re very clever and witty. I’m a big fan of maps of imaginary places, things and ideas, so these are –wait for it– right up my street!

• From satirical streets to street cross-stitch now – because what could be street-er than cross-stitch? Make has an interview with guerrilla cross-stitcherMiss Cross Stitch’, who uses polypropylene rope to add large scale cross-stitched motifs to public benches, fences, etc.

• Sculptor Kevin Iris makes trees out of wire; as related over at Colossal, he started out training bonsai trees with wire guides/supports, then realised he could actually omit the tree altogether! At any rate, it’s really intricate and impressive work.

• Staying with trees, what do you get if you cross a tree-house with a dolls-house? Something like Mad’s Mouse House (as featured over on Make) – it’s a cool dolls-house set into a tree stump, complete with loads of charming details.

• And finally, how about something educational: if you love typography, but wouldn’t know a majuscule from a ligature, then this link is for you. I Love Typography has a four part series discussing the terminology of typefaces – fascinating stuff.

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