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• Let’s start with some art: Hollis Brown Thornton pro­duces some won­der­ful and nos­tal­gic pieces. I’m par­tic­u­larly impressed with his pixelated acryl­ic paint­ings. From his artist’s state­ment: “Dealing with themes of memory and change, Thornton uses fam­ily pho­tos, pop cul­ture, world events, and out­dated media to illus­trate the mod­ern rel­ev­ance of these past objects and events. In acryl­ic paint­ings, pig­ment trans­fers, and mark­er draw­ings, the use of eras­ure and frag­ment­a­tion rep­res­ent memory’s imper­fec­tions.”

• Next up: check out these maps from Christoph Niemann over at Abduzeedo. Done in the Google Maps style and col­our palette, they’re very clev­er and witty. I’m a big fan of maps of ima­gin­ary places, things and ideas, so these are –wait for it– right up my street!

• From satir­ic­al streets to street cross-stitch now – because what could be street-er than cross-stitch? Make has an inter­view with guer­rilla cross-stitch­erMiss Cross Stitch’, who uses polypro­pyl­ene rope to add large scale cross-stitched motifs to pub­lic benches, fences, etc.

• Sculptor Kevin Iris makes trees out of wire; as related over at Colossal, he star­ted out train­ing bon­sai trees with wire guides/supports, then real­ised he could actu­ally omit the tree alto­geth­er! At any rate, it’s really intric­ate and impress­ive work.

• Staying with trees, what do you get if you cross a tree-house with a dolls-house? Something like Mad’s Mouse House (as fea­tured over on Make) – it’s a cool dolls-house set into a tree stump, com­plete with loads of charm­ing details.

• And finally, how about some­thing edu­ca­tion­al: if you love typo­graphy, but wouldn’t know a majus­cule from a lig­at­ure, then this link is for you. I Love Typography has a four part series dis­cuss­ing the ter­min­o­logy of typefaces – fas­cin­at­ing stuff.

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