The Beady Eyed Craftster is our mostly weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the internets.


• First up, this London Underground Circuit Map by Yuri Suzuki has been doing the rounds on the internet this week. It’s not hard to see why; Harry Beck’s original Tube map is rightly considered a design classic, and this reworking as a piece of electronics pulls out the similarity between the two sorts of topology. [Vis DesignBoom]

• Staying with transport, check this awesome steampunk octopod-styled vehicle; designed and 3D printed by Sean Charlesworth. Click through for more pictures; some of the details are amazing. 3D printing is getting to be a more and more interesting method of crafting. [Found via Make]

• Also via Make, a different kind of 3D printing: artist Hong Sungchul makes pictures/sculptures by printing onto strings then hanging them together. It’s a cool effect – I wish I could find more details on exactly how it was done.

• Seguing from string to wool; take a look at this amazing needle-felted armoured bear by Etsy-seller Stevi T. It’s incredible work (with a price tag to match) – I can’t even imagine the amount of effort involved.

• Coincidentally there’s also a bear (of the non-armoured variety) in this gallery of images from artist Lorenzo Duran (over on Colossal). What’s special about these images is that they’re formed by cutting shapes out of dried leaves – that must take a very steady hand, but is a pretty cool idea.

• And finally, talking of ideas, cartoonist Grant Snider shows us ‘How To Get Ideas’ – very useful for us crafters, though often I find that getting an idea isn’t the hardest part, it’s knowing what to do with it once you’ve caught it!

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