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• Some sculpture to start with; Mathilde Roussel creates these incredible falling figures, covered in living grass. It a combination that works really well for some reason. [Via Designboom]

• That’s no moon! In fact, artist Wang Yuyang has made his ‘Artificial Moon’ sculpture from a variety of hundreds of fluorescent bulbs. It’s a pretty amazing piece – check out the big picture over at Make, and there’s a link to a ‘making of’ video as well.

• From moonlight to moths: here’s a stunning installation piece over on Colossal – artist Carlos Amorales covered the walls of some large interior spaces with tens of thousands of black paper moths. The effect is dramatic.

• We love cephalopods, but the resurgence of My Little Pony has passed us by. Nevertheless, these ‘My Little Cephalopod’ knitted pony-themed squid by Mimblex are pretty lovely.

• What do you get if you cross moths with squid? Artist Vladimir Stankovic answers this question with ‘Cephalopodoptera’, a really cool set of natural history style drawings of this imaginary order of animals. Take a look over at Designboom to see the full images in their animated glory.

• And finally, from imaginary worlds to the real one: this set of fractal landscapes found on Google Earth is breath-taking. I know it’s not strictly art or craft, but it’s well worth a look, because it is beautiful. If you have Google Earth on your computer (and if not, why not?) you can use the TMZ file links provided to check out the areas yourself.

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