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• Some sculp­ture to start with; Mathilde Roussel cre­ates these incred­ible fall­ing fig­ures, covered in liv­ing grass. It a com­bin­a­tion that works really well for some reas­on. [Via Designboom]

• That’s no moon! In fact, artist Wang Yuyang has made his ‘Artificial Moon’ sculp­ture from a vari­ety of hun­dreds of fluor­es­cent bulbs. It’s a pretty amaz­ing piece – check out the big pic­ture over at Make, and there’s a link to a ‘mak­ing of’ video as well.

• From moon­light to moths: here’s a stun­ning install­a­tion piece over on Colossal – artist Carlos Amorales covered the walls of some large interi­or spaces with tens of thou­sands of black paper moths. The effect is dra­mat­ic.

• We love ceph­alo­pods, but the resur­gence of My Little Pony has passed us by. Nevertheless, these ‘My Little Cephalopod’ knit­ted pony-themed squid by Mimblex are pretty lovely.

• What do you get if you cross moths with squid? Artist Vladimir Stankovic answers this ques­tion with ‘Cephalopodoptera’, a really cool set of nat­ur­al his­tory style draw­ings of this ima­gin­ary order of anim­als. Take a look over at Designboom to see the full images in their anim­ated glory.

• And finally, from ima­gin­ary worlds to the real one: this set of fractal land­scapes found on Google Earth is breath-tak­ing. I know it’s not strictly art or craft, but it’s well worth a look, because it is beau­ti­ful. If you have Google Earth on your com­puter (and if not, why not?) you can use the TMZ file links provided to check out the areas your­self.

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