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• Let’s start with some­thing a little bom­bast­ic; Yong Ho Ji’s sculp­tures of myth­ic­al beasts and half-human hybrids are in your face and a bit scary. Made from recycled tires and plastic res­in they’re stun­ning pieces of work. [Via DesignBoom]

• Changing tack towards the del­ic­ate and eth­er­e­al, here’s some pho­to­graphy that’s right up this blog’s alley; Alexander Semenov takes awe­some pho­tos of under­sea creatures, par­tic­u­larly jelly­fish – check them out at Colossal.

• More under­sea-ness now, with this cute octopus stuf­fie from future­girl – there’s even a pat­tern avail­able if you feel like mak­ing your own. (I notice that this little octy has been around since 2006, but it’s new to me; hope­fully to you too.)

• Staying with nee­dle­work, we have a neat one-a-day pro­ject from Lucky Jackson; she’s pro­du­cing a piece of embroid­ery every day, which is pretty darn cool. But even cool­er is that last week’s sub­ject was Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums.

• All that yarn-work is mak­ing me keen to learn a new craft myself; so I was keen to see this Crochet 101 video tutori­al from Haley Pierson-Cox via Craft. I’ve got to admit my first attempt to learn crochet, a few years back, was a total fail­ure: my wife’s left-handed where­as I’m a rightie, and neither of us could do the neces­sary mir­ror­ing in out head! But maybe it’s time to try again.

• And finally; pic­ture a Venn dia­gram with three circles – one is labelled ‘Craft’, one ‘Nerdy’ and the final ‘Epic’. What lies at the inter­sec­tion? I’m pretty sure it’s this huge and amaz­ing Pokémon cross-stitch by eponases – it shows all 151 ori­gin­al Pokémon! [Found via Neatorama]

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