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• If the pur­pose of art is to hold a mir­ror up to life, then artist Arran Gregory is doing well; these mirrored and faceted wild­life sculp­tures are really great. [Via Colossal]

• For geo­met­ric sculp­ture on a smal­ler scale, check these paper sculp­tures by Matthew Shlian; really neat and pre­cise work. The video of the work in pro­gress is worth look­ing at as well. [Via DesignSponge]

• Speaking of video, here’s a cool on over on the Etsy blog; mas­ter sword­smith Korehira Watanabe attempts to recre­ate a Koto sword – des­pite the meth­ods of con­struc­tion style of sword being lost to his­tory.

• Now for some­thing more mod­ern; these prints from the Banquet work­shop are really won­der­ful. The mar­ine prints are par­tic­u­larly cool – it’s really worth paging through the shop.

• From mod­ern to futur­ist­ic; these blown glass space­ships by Rik Allen are pretty amaz­ing. From the site: “…space­craft cap­tained by lonely car­to­graph­ers map­ping the inky black seas between us all, organ­ic ves­sel-creatures har­bour­ing spores of com­plex know­ledge bound for undis­covered men­tal land­scapes, or sen­tient mech­an­ic­al emis­sar­ies propagat­ing our vir­al truths…”

• And finally; a mys­tery. Someone has been leav­ing intric­ate paper sculp­tures, carved from books, in Scottish lib­rar­ies, along with mes­sages of sup­port. The works are great, and I love the idea of a mys­ter­i­ous pro-lib­rary sculptor haunt­ing Scotland.

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