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• If the purpose of art is to hold a mirror up to life, then artist Arran Gregory is doing well; these mirrored and faceted wildlife sculptures are really great. [Via Colossal]

• For geometric sculpture on a smaller scale, check these paper sculptures by Matthew Shlian; really neat and precise work. The video of the work in progress is worth looking at as well. [Via DesignSponge]

• Speaking of video, here’s a cool on over on the Etsy blog; master swordsmith Korehira Watanabe attempts to recreate a Koto sword – despite the methods of construction style of sword being lost to history.

• Now for something more modern; these prints from the Banquet workshop are really wonderful. The marine prints are particularly cool – it’s really worth paging through the shop.

• From modern to futuristic; these blown glass spaceships by Rik Allen are pretty amazing. From the site: “…spacecraft captained by lonely cartographers mapping the inky black seas between us all, organic vessel-creatures harbouring spores of complex knowledge bound for undiscovered mental landscapes, or sentient mechanical emissaries propagating our viral truths…”

• And finally; a mystery. Someone has been leaving intricate paper sculptures, carved from books, in Scottish libraries, along with messages of support. The works are great, and I love the idea of a mysterious pro-library sculptor haunting Scotland.

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