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• I’m very keen on mazes, so these incred­ible labyrinths of poured salt, by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto really impressed me. Apparently, they’re tran­si­ent pieces; after a while they’re des­troyed, and the salt returned to the ocean. Sadly, the works memori­al­ise the artist’s late sis­ter, which adds weight to the ideas of imper­man­ence and return in evid­ence in the pieces. [Via Colossal]

• Now for some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent: stuffed fab­ric plants! If you can’t keep reg­u­lar plants alive, these stuffed fab­ric ones from Sian Keegan might be the answer! These are really great; play­ful, with just enough real­ism; bril­liant work. [Via DesignSponge]

• We haven’t had a tutori­al for a while, so it’s luck this great one on Japanese Sumi Ink Marbling came along. This is some­thing I’ve wanted to try for an age – hope­fully I can find time to give it a go. [Via Make]

• Great as the Olympics have been, much of the art asso­ci­ated with it has left me cold. But these Olympic Tree Rings are pretty cool. Comprised of a set of 6 metre dia­met­er bronze and steel rings sus­pen­ded around liv­ing trees, each is inscribed with a ‘data poem’ giv­ing the his­tory of the site. Cool stuff. [Via Designboom]

• Making pic­tures using cray­ons might sound like a classroom activ­ity rather than art – but these amaz­ing stacked cray­on pic­tures by Christian Faur. I love the pixel-ly look, but I can’t begin to ima­gine the sort of effort and plan­ning needed to do this. Check it out over at Laughing Squid.

• Finally; felt! These Felt Collages by Jacopo Rosati, are really fun – I love the super­hero por­traits. [Via Drawn]

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