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• I’m very keen on mazes, so these incredible labyrinths of poured salt, by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto really impressed me. Apparently, they’re transient pieces; after a while they’re destroyed, and the salt returned to the ocean. Sadly, the works memorialise the artist’s late sister, which adds weight to the ideas of impermanence and return in evidence in the pieces. [Via Colossal]

• Now for something completely different: stuffed fabric plants! If you can’t keep regular plants alive, these stuffed fabric ones from Sian Keegan might be the answer! These are really great; playful, with just enough realism; brilliant work. [Via DesignSponge]

• We haven’t had a tutorial for a while, so it’s luck this great one on Japanese Sumi Ink Marbling came along. This is something I’ve wanted to try for an age – hopefully I can find time to give it a go. [Via Make]

• Great as the Olympics have been, much of the art associated with it has left me cold. But these Olympic Tree Rings are pretty cool. Comprised of a set of 6 metre diameter bronze and steel rings suspended around living trees, each is inscribed with a ‘data poem’ giving the history of the site. Cool stuff. [Via Designboom]

• Making pictures using crayons might sound like a classroom activity rather than art – but these amazing stacked crayon pictures by Christian Faur. I love the pixel-ly look, but I can’t begin to imagine the sort of effort and planning needed to do this. Check it out over at Laughing Squid.

• Finally; felt! These Felt Collages by Jacopo Rosati, are really fun – I love the superhero portraits. [Via Drawn]

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