The Beady Eyed Craftster is our mostly weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the inter­nets.






• Let’s start with a video. I love watch­ing artists work, so I found this video show­ing Becky Dreistadt pro­du­cing a stun­ning gou­ache paint­ing to be cap­tiv­at­ing. I’m very envi­ous of her paint­ing tech­nique. [Via Drawn]

• Staying with art, check out these stun­ning and cheer­ful works by artist Pablo Manga over on Design Milk. Awesome use of col­our, made using col­oured tape. The res­ults remind me some­what of both Mondrian and Rothko.

• Hey, two links in, and I haven’t poin­ted you at Colossal yet! Next up … um. Oh well. (Sigh). Take a look at these cool wood and res­in (and con­crete and res­in) lamps from Italian design­er Marco Stefanelli.

• Speaking of light, and of paint­ing, we’ve fea­tured ‘light paint­ing’ here before. So this light paint­ing robot intrigued me. It’s a fairly in-depth post, but fas­cin­at­ing if you’re at all tech­nic­ally minded. [Found via Make]

• Apparently Brit’s and Americans pro­nounce “mac­ramé” in very dif­fer­ent ways. Luckily we say “ice-cream” in the same way, so my wife and I could at least half agree on what to call this neat mac­ramé ice-cream (and oth­er food­stuffs) from Ed Bing Lee (over on Curbly). Very cool stuff (do you see what I did there?)

• And finally, if all this talk of ice-cream is mak­ing you hungry, why not try one of these ice-cream recipes from A Beautiful Mess. Now all we need is the weath­er!

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