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• Let’s start with a video. I love watching artists work, so I found this video showing Becky Dreistadt producing a stunning gouache painting to be captivating. I’m very envious of her painting technique. [Via Drawn]

• Staying with art, check out these stunning and cheerful works by artist Pablo Manga over on Design Milk. Awesome use of colour, made using coloured tape. The results remind me somewhat of both Mondrian and Rothko.

• Hey, two links in, and I haven’t pointed you at Colossal yet! Next up … um. Oh well. (Sigh). Take a look at these cool wood and resin (and concrete and resin) lamps from Italian designer Marco Stefanelli.

• Speaking of light, and of painting, we’ve featured ‘light painting’ here before. So this light painting robot intrigued me. It’s a fairly in-depth post, but fascinating if you’re at all technically minded. [Found via Make]

• Apparently Brit’s and Americans pronounce “macramé” in very different ways. Luckily we say “ice-cream” in the same way, so my wife and I could at least half agree on what to call this neat macramé ice-cream (and other foodstuffs) from Ed Bing Lee (over on Curbly). Very cool stuff (do you see what I did there?)

• And finally, if all this talk of ice-cream is making you hungry, why not try one of these ice-cream recipes from A Beautiful Mess. Now all we need is the weather!

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