Birmingham city centre is slowing turning into the warm spot for creative and handmade happenings.

Greeting you at St. Martin's entrance

Greeting you at St. Martin’s entrance

Case in point — while wandering through the Great Western Arcade yesterday we stumbled, quite literally, upon tables selling handmade fairy cakes, soaps, jewellery, and something possibly interesting to do with old china. No advertisement, just a cluster of stalls peopled by smiling faces and lots of goodies.

Never to be left out of the fun, we’re set to continue the trend this weekend on Saturday the 7th July for a Creative Craft Fair at St. Martin’s in the Bullring. From 11am until 4pm, with a break between 2 and 2:45 for lunch, you will find me and my trusty creative cohort, Amy (beading goddess in the making) who will be sharing my table, as well as other creative types flogging our wares while excitedly discussing all things crafty and handmade.

St. Martin's in the Bullring

St. Martin’s in the Bullring

St. Martin’s has a lovely tea shop located at the Rag Market side of the church. Which means you don’t have to walk around feeling parched or desperate for a loo (hey, that’s important when you’re shopping till you drop!).  Admission is free, which means you’ll have more money to spend on tea, cakes, goodies, and maybe even a sojourn into the Bullring for those brave souls who like a bit of jostling through crowds and people watching.

If you’ve never taken a look inside St. Martin’s you’re in for a treat. What a stunning Gothic church, protected at every corner and crevice with wild and human (or wildly human?) gargoyles (OK, technically they’re grotesques, because gargoyles have spouts, but let’s not be picky!). It’s one of the first places Ben and I ventured to when I moved to Birmingham nearly four years ago. One does not need to be religious to appreciate the beauty and history of this place.

I’m told there are other events held at St. Martin’s on a weekly/monthly basis which might be of interest to those living local to the city:

  •  CraftworX, a group for members with social difficulties, funded by the Westhill Endowment
  •  Tuesday Gathering, workshops and retreat events, please contact us for info
  •  Wednesday Knitting Club, 12:30 – 2:00pm in the Tea Lounge, just turn up
  •  Friday Lunchtime Concerts, free, every Friday at 12:30
  •  SMART Poets, meet monthly and hold events

So if you find yourself in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday the 7th July, 2012, please do stop by and say hello. We’d love to see your shining face. Maybe, if we’re all very lucky and Summer decides to make a show, we’ll even have a respite from all this rain!

That’s St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham B5 5BB 😉

Creative Craft Fair

Creative Craft Fair – St. Martin’s in the Bullring

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