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Regular readers (all three of you!) will know I often end up linking to Colossal, normally for some photography with a particularly clever element; unusual subject or lighting for example. Well these photos from Hengki Koentjoro don’t have any such gimmicks; they’re straightforward black and white photos – but what photos!

And while you’re over a Colossal, why not check out these stunning animal sculptures made from reclaimed household objects by Sayaka Ganz. There’s an amazing sense of life and movement made from things that would usually just be chucked away.

Talking of household objects, if you’re looking for an unusual and beautiful lamp, take a look at these salt lamps from Daniel MacDonald. Made by a processes of salt accretion they’re wonderfully organic looking, like coral. [Via Design Milk]

They’re been all over the internets, but if you haven’t already seen Twan van Keulen’s fallen leaf typography; go take a look. I wish he’d do an entire alphabet.

My wife will tell you that I have way too many notepads. but despite having a box full of empty pads, I’ll admit to being a little tempted by the Inspiration Pad. Such a simple buy clever subversion would make me smile any time I jotted something down, I’m sure.

And finally, a concept that needs no explanation or introduction: Spocktopus! Etsy seller sewmuch2luv has really outdone herself here.

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