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Regular read­ers (all three of you!) will know I often end up link­ing to Colossal, nor­mally for some pho­to­graphy with a par­tic­u­larly clev­er ele­ment; unusu­al sub­ject or light­ing for example. Well these pho­tos from Hengki Koentjoro don’t have any such gim­micks; they’re straight­for­ward black and white pho­tos – but what pho­tos!

And while you’re over a Colossal, why not check out these stun­ning anim­al sculp­tures made from reclaimed house­hold objects by Sayaka Ganz. There’s an amaz­ing sense of life and move­ment made from things that would usu­ally just be chucked away.

Talking of house­hold objects, if you’re look­ing for an unusu­al and beau­ti­ful lamp, take a look at these salt lamps from Daniel MacDonald. Made by a pro­cesses of salt accre­tion they’re won­der­fully organ­ic look­ing, like cor­al. [Via Design Milk]

They’re been all over the inter­nets, but if you haven’t already seen Twan van Keulen’s fallen leaf typo­graphy; go take a look. I wish he’d do an entire alpha­bet.

My wife will tell you that I have way too many note­pads. but des­pite hav­ing a box full of empty pads, I’ll admit to being a little temp­ted by the Inspiration Pad. Such a simple buy clev­er sub­ver­sion would make me smile any time I jot­ted some­thing down, I’m sure.

And finally, a concept that needs no explan­a­tion or intro­duc­tion: Spocktopus! Etsy seller sewmuch2luv has really out­done her­self here.

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