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We’ve fea­tured nail-and-string art before, but this tutori­al from Honey & Fitz is par­tic­u­larly good, and the res­ults are cer­tainly nice.

On the sub­ject of tutori­als, this one from Creations by Kara is pretty neat: wash­ers made into jew­ellery via a sort of decoupage pro­cess. Cool stuff.

It seems that every week I post a link to some stun­ning pho­to­graphy over on Colossal, but this week … I’m going to post a link to some stun­ning pho­to­graphy over on Colossal. Take a look at Benoit Paillé’s amaz­ingly lit land­scape pho­to­graphy; the shots are illu­min­ated by a one meter cube light giv­ing them a oth­er­worldly look.

And while you’re over on Colossal, why not check out Bartek Elsner’s card­board sculp­tures? Fascinating to see such an every­day mater­i­al giv­en new form.

Regular read­er knows that we’re big fans of col­our here, but Liz Apple took it one step fur­ther and covered an entire wall in paint chips / col­our charts – it looks pretty great.

And finally: Soviet Space Dogs! A really sweet illus­tra­tion from Jess Bradley show­ing, well, the dogs of the Soviet space pro­gram. Adorable but bit­ter­sweet, because these little dog-o-nauts were gen­er­ally on a one-way trip.

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