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We’ve featured nail-and-string art before, but this tutorial from Honey & Fitz is particularly good, and the results are certainly nice.

On the subject of tutorials, this one from Creations by Kara is pretty neat: washers made into jewellery via a sort of decoupage process. Cool stuff.

It seems that every week I post a link to some stunning photography over on Colossal, but this week … I’m going to post a link to some stunning photography over on Colossal. Take a look at Benoit Paillé’s amazingly lit landscape photography; the shots are illuminated by a one meter cube light giving them a otherworldly look.

And while you’re over on Colossal, why not check out Bartek Elsner’s cardboard sculptures? Fascinating to see such an everyday material given new form.

Regular reader knows that we’re big fans of colour here, but Liz Apple took it one step further and covered an entire wall in paint chips / colour charts – it looks pretty great.

And finally: Soviet Space Dogs! A really sweet illustration from Jess Bradley showing, well, the dogs of the Soviet space program. Adorable but bittersweet, because these little dog-o-nauts were generally on a one-way trip.

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