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I’m writ­ing this on the kind of Sunday morn­ing that really calls for a strong cup of cof­fee, and I think this rock­et-ship inspired espresso cup would be the ideal ves­sel. Designed by Craig Kaplan, and 3D prin­ted, unfor­tu­nately it’s only really a pro­to­type at the moment, but let’s hope it goes com­mer­cial at some point. [Via BoingBoing]

We’re not short on rain here in the UK at the moment, but our rain is rarely as pretty as this Kinetic Rain piece by German firm ART+COM. One thou­sand two hun­dred and six­teen com­puter con­trolled rain­drops are raised and lowered to form mov­ing sculp­tures – watch the video. [Via Colossal]

Also spot­ted on Colossal, these stun­ning pho­to­graphs of bubbles by Bjoern Ewers – amaz­ing swirls of col­our and del­ic­ate shapes – check them out.

Sticking with col­our­ful pho­to­graphs, Fabian Oefner takes won­der­ful pic­tures of water­col­our paint and fer­ro­fluid (mag­net­ic liquid) – the res­ults are pretty stun­ning. Follow the link for pic­tures, more inform­a­tion, and some Q&A with the artist.

Over on Etsy, take a look at these neat steam­punk light switch plates from Green Tree Jewelry; wooden cogs and levels make the simple act of flick­ing a switch into an intric­ate bit of engin­eer­ing. I’d love to see a brass and steel ver­sion, and maybe a ver­sion suit­able for British light switches.

And finally, take a look at Sew Nerdy, a self-described ‘Geek Craft Extravaganza’ and cel­eb­ra­tion of all things nerdy. There are some really great pieces there – well worth a browse.

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