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Jason deCaires Taylor cre­ates under­wa­ter sculp­tures: “Taylor’s sculptures—a syn­thes­is of art and science—are made with care­fully researched envir­on­ment­ally-friendly mater­i­als which act­ively pro­mote cor­al growth, with inert Ph neut­ral prop­er­ties designed to last hun­dreds of years”. You really should check out the gal­lery on the web­site.

Heather Benning, artist-in-res­id­ence for the town of Redvers, has con­ver­ted a derel­ict farm­house into a giant doll’s house by remov­ing the entire side of the build­ing. Such a clev­er, play­ful, idea. [Via BoingBoing]

This desk by design­er Bomi Park should prob­ably win some sort of award for imprac­tic­al­ity. Of course, it isn’t sup­posed to be prac­tic­al, it’s sup­posed to be cool, and it is.

I’ve talked before on this blog about my love of woods, so I really liked these pho­to­graphs of forests by PhotoCosma, who are two broth­ers from Romania. Beautiful, eer­ie and some­times sur­real shots – go take a look.

Also wood based are these won­der­ful bowls and vases from Laura Yeats. From the web­site: “Each ves­sel is a quiet love affair. […] Each tells a story about the nature of things — growth and decay, inner beauty and out­er, col­lab­or­a­tions between nature and humans. Just like any oth­er love affair; When you find the right one for you, you’ll know.”

And finally, it’s been at least a fort­night since I fea­tured Lego here, so here are the sub­mis­sions for a Microscale Sci-fi LEGO con­test. Microscale refers to tiny Lego mod­els made with a small num­ber of pieces, often used in unusu­al ways – my favour­ite is this ador­able little Enterprise.

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