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Check out these draw­ings of extinct birds, dressed in the fash­ions of their year of extinc­tion. Great work by artist Brian Williams, but some­what sad that that these beau­ti­ful birds only remain in draw­ing form.

Speaking of mat­ters eco­lo­gic­al, these giant illu­min­ated fish made of plastic bottles were installed for the Rio+20 con­fer­ence; impress­ive stuff.[Via Laughing Squid]

More birds, this time in 3D; Diana Beltran Herrera makes bril­liant paper sculp­tures of birds. I love how lively and express­ive these pieces are.

Not actu­ally 3D, but these images from Nagai Hideyuki cer­tainly look like they are. Very clev­er  stuff, and if you watch the video it’s sur­pris­ing how well the illu­sion works even from dif­fer­ent angles.  [Via Colossal]

Over on Make, Polish artist Szymon Klimek makes intric­ate mech­an­ic­al machines that fit inside wine glasses. It’s worth watch­ing the video to see it in motion.

And finally, I’ve talked about 3D print­ing here before, but clearly the tech­no­logy had not yet reached it’s pin­nacle: the Burritobot! Yes, it’s a machine that prints burri­tos – I think that means that human­ity can offi­cially stop invent­ing things now; we won’t beat that!

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