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Check out these drawings of extinct birds, dressed in the fashions of their year of extinction. Great work by artist Brian Williams, but somewhat sad that that these beautiful birds only remain in drawing form.

Speaking of matters ecological, these giant illuminated fish made of plastic bottles were installed for the Rio+20 conference; impressive stuff.[Via Laughing Squid]

More birds, this time in 3D; Diana Beltran Herrera makes brilliant paper sculptures of birds. I love how lively and expressive these pieces are.

Not actually 3D, but these images from Nagai Hideyuki certainly look like they are. Very clever  stuff, and if you watch the video it’s surprising how well the illusion works even from different angles.  [Via Colossal]

Over on Make, Polish artist Szymon Klimek makes intricate mechanical machines that fit inside wine glasses. It’s worth watching the video to see it in motion.

And finally, I’ve talked about 3D printing here before, but clearly the technology had not yet reached it’s pinnacle: the Burritobot! Yes, it’s a machine that prints burritos – I think that means that humanity can officially stop inventing things now; we won’t beat that!

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