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Everyone loves clouds, but until now they’ve only been available outdoors. Artist Berndnaut Smilde makes clouds indoors, as part of very temporary art exhibits – check them out. [Found via Boing Boing]

Over on Colossal, there’s some really fascinating wire sculpture; I love the sketchy look of these, like someone had drawn the images on the air itself.

Which, I suppose, is exactly what’s going on in these light-painting pictures, also via Colossal. Light painting involves long exposures and handheld moving light sources, and in this case the results are stunning.

Talking of long exposures, back on Boing Boing there’s  this fantastic set of long exposure shots taken by Flight Engineer Don Pettiton from the International Space Station: well worth a look.

We don’t often feature computer generated art here, but this project from Giuseppe Randazzo uses a nice blend of art, science and maths to generate patterns of virtual stones. From the site: “The virtual stones created by several fractal subdivision strategies, find their proper position within the circle, with a trial and error hierarchical algorithm. A mix of attractors and scalar fields (some with Perlin noise) drives the density and size of the stones.”

And finally, like Lego? Like M.C. Escher? Like Star Wars? Then you’ll definitely like Paul Vermeesch’s amazing Star Wars Relativity model; incredible work.

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