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Everyone loves clouds, but until now they’ve only been avail­able out­doors. Artist Berndnaut Smilde makes clouds indoors, as part of very tem­por­ary art exhib­its – check them out. [Found via Boing Boing]

Over on Colossal, there’s some really fas­cin­at­ing wire sculp­ture; I love the sketchy look of these, like someone had drawn the images on the air itself.

Which, I sup­pose, is exactly what’s going on in these light-paint­ing pic­tures, also via Colossal. Light paint­ing involves long expos­ures and hand­held mov­ing light sources, and in this case the res­ults are stun­ning.

Talking of long expos­ures, back on Boing Boing there’s  this fant­ast­ic set of long expos­ure shots taken by Flight Engineer Don Pettiton from the International Space Station: well worth a look.

We don’t often fea­ture com­puter gen­er­ated art here, but this pro­ject from Giuseppe Randazzo uses a nice blend of art, sci­ence and maths to gen­er­ate pat­terns of vir­tu­al stones. From the site: “The vir­tu­al stones cre­ated by sev­er­al fractal sub­di­vi­sion strategies, find their prop­er pos­i­tion with­in the circle, with a tri­al and error hier­arch­ic­al algorithm. A mix of attract­ors and scal­ar fields (some with Perlin noise) drives the dens­ity and size of the stones.”

And finally, like Lego? Like M.C. Escher? Like Star Wars? Then you’ll def­in­itely like Paul Vermeesch’s amaz­ing Star Wars Relativity mod­el; incred­ible work.

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