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Up on Colossal there’s some cool pic­tures  from The Sketchbook Project: “The Sketchbook Project is a glob­al, crowd-sourced art pro­ject where par­ti­cipants obtain sketch­books and are giv­en sev­er­al months to fill the pages and return them for inclu­sion in the trav­el­ing exhib­i­tion.”

Nice little tutori­al from Photojojo: trans­fer­ring pho­tos and oth­er images onto wood. I’m keen to try some­thing like this.

Over on Design Milk, there’s a great little inter­view with 3D print­ing com­pany Shapeway’s  CEO and fonder. Interesting stuff: “Shapeways is a ser­vice enabling you to use 3D print­ers to make whatever you want. The first and very import­ant step is cre­ation. What do you want to have?”

Also on Design Milk, this fant­ast­ic image gal­lery of restored vin­tage cam­er­as. I’m not much of a pho­to­graph­er, and I’m def­in­itely not a cam­era buff, but these are really styl­ish.

Similarly styl­ish are these machine lamps by Frank Buchwald. They’re very retro-futur­ist in design, all burn­ished steel and pol­ished brass, kind of min­im­al­ist steam­punk (i.e. without a sur­feit on unne­ces­sary cogs).

And finally, if you’re not already famil­i­ar with the ster­ling six­ties-inspired illus­tra­tions of Kevin Dart, you really should be!

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