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Hilla Shamia makes furniture from wooden logs and cast aluminium. From the site: “The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value by preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk, within explicit boundaries.” That means it looks really cool. [Found via Design Milk]

• Go and look at this photograph over at National Geographic. Yes, it is a photograph, not a painting – stunning isn’t it?

• Over on Colossal, check out these really neat pop-up / paper engineering illustrations by Jenny Chen.

• Interesting tutorial over on Make: Projectsmaking rings out of coins. It seems like the main ingredient is patience, but I like the fact that he uses a spoon as a hammer.

• Artist Annie Vought takes real correspondence, blows it up, and then cuts away the non-ink parts to leave ethereal lacy  word-webs. Check them out. [Via Designboom]

• And finally, Boing Boing brings us these delicious looking Illuminated Manuscript cookies. From the baker’s site: “I chose historiated initials from several manuscripts, printed them on edible paper with edible ink, attached them to square cookies and gave them gold edges. Who says love of literature and art can’t fill a belly?! ”. Makes me wonder whether in 400 year’s time people will be making space-cookies with images of tweets about D-grade celebrities?

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