The Beady Eyed Craftster is our weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the inter­nets.


• On Colossal, some amaz­ing Land Art by Cornelia Konrads. I love the eth­er­e­al and weight­less look of these pieces, like the influ­ence of faer­ie land.

• Here’s a nice tutori­al on how to make a fun lamp­shade out of up-cycled doil­ies and a large bal­loon.

Dug North makes charm­ing wooden auto­mata: check them out. From his artist’s state­ment: “Sometimes, it seems as though the things in our lives, demand more from us than they give in return.”

• I liked this quick tutori­al on nail art – that’s art made of nails and string, by the way, not paint­ing fin­ger­nails. In this case some cool house num­bers.

• If you’ve fol­lowed my oth­er Beady Eyed Craftster posts you’ll know I’m a fan of ori­gami; and here’s some more great examples from Dinh Truong Giang. Really clev­er work, full of emo­tion.

• Here’s a really ori­gin­al idea: Matt Richardson has built a cam­era that pro­duces descrip­tions rather than pic­tures. So instead of a pic­ture of a run down build­ing you get a print out that reads “This is a faded pic­ture of a dilap­id­ated build­ing. It seems to be run-down and in need of repairs.” How does it know? The mir­acle of dis­trib­uted Human Intelligence Tasks, i.e. it asks people on the inter­net.

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