The Beady Eyed Craftster is our weekly round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the internets. One little change this week – I’m giving the button-eyed raven picture a rest; too many raven pictures on the blog’s front page was … wait for it … murder. Do you see what I did there?






• Over on Colossal, Seung Mo Park makes incredible portraits and pictures from artfully snipped wire mesh. I find it pretty amazing what unlikely materials can be used to make representational art.

• Featured on Make, check out this amazing computer that Brent Thorne is building. Why am I featuring a computer on a art/craft blog? Because it’s made of wood. When complete, this intricate arrangement of cogs will compute and draw fractals.

• More unlikely materials; typography using knives, by Farhad Moshiri. I wonder how he got all those knives? Found, donated, bought?

• These 3D paper diamonds are pretty cool, and don’t look all that difficult to make. Not sure what one could use them for though – Christmas decorations maybe?

• I’ve been thinking about getting back into lino-printing, and Nick ‘Linocut Boy’ Morley’s blog is full of inspirational stuff – why not take a look?

• This week’s nearly off-topic link: this article on the BBC about a a theme park based around giant mechanical animals. Worth checking out for the picture of a giant wooden squid.

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