Last weekend we participated in a very small craft fair at Ophelia Gifts in Kings Heath. Foot traffic was a trickle resulting in very low sales. Just goes to show that advertising and location can make or break an event.

Red Siren Pearl & Jade Necklace

Red Siren: Pearl, Red Jade & Jasper

Thank goodness I was surrounded by a fantastic, cheerful bunch of stall holders who were willing to share ideas and have a laugh. Several of us even took a mid day adventure to MoMo, a bead shop located two doors down. We got lost in there for at least twenty minutes. I struggled to decide what to purchase, there were so many goodies on offer. Pure heaven. Between MoMo Bead Shop and the Armadillo, Kings Heath is a crafters delight!

Midway through the afternoon I negotiated a trade with another jewellery maker, Anna, who had her eyes on my colourful mother of pearl button necklace. I walked away with a new friend and a gorgeous blue beaded bracelet.

mother of pearl multi colour button necklace

Colourful mother of pearl button necklace

The bracelet is set aside as a Birthday gift for my bff’s daughter, Jasmine, in May. Pictures will have to wait so I don’t spoil the surprise.

Anna has a meticulous eye for detail and heaps of patience. She knits wool mittens (those are hers in the picture) and wire jewellery. Gorgeous stuff! I’ve tried crocheting with wire and rejected the craft because it’s too fiddly for my taste.

Anna Dixon Jewellery Designer

Anna Dixon Jewellery Designer

At the end of the event I followed Anna’s advice and chose a few Articles to put on display in Ophelia Gifts for a month.  If response is good we’ll refresh our mini UnArt display and keep it for a few more months. This arrangement is an inexpensive way to get our Articles out into the community, increasing awareness of what we have to offer. There’s nothing like knowing your work and business cards are out there being viewed by the public.

All in all, our first craft fair of the year fizzled. Sometimes that happens. While I never like to walk away from an event in the red,  the day wasn’t a wash. I was able to put some Articles in a shop and had the opportunity to exchange ideas with a great group of like minded people. Some of which had no sales at all. Maybe next time, ladies?!  Thanks for keeping my spirits up!


Ophelia Gifts Fair

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2 Responses to Ophelia’s Gift

  1. Benjamin says:

    Nice pictures, Mish.

  2. shona says:

    hi Misha,

    love the website! hope you get some good sales at Ophelia Gifts. Was a shame it was so quiet but hopefully with the summer coming up there will be alot more people coming out for the craft fairs (fingers crossed). I was back at MoMos a couple of days later, fab shop!

    All the best


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