aroa_detailTime for a quick bit of self promotion: I’ve moved my online gallery to – why not take a look?

My gallery has always been called Aliens, Robots and Octopodes simply because those are my preferred subjects for art. (If you’ve followed the blog, you’ll have seen evidence of the robots and octopodes, but I don’t think we’ve featured aliens – yet!)

The old gallery was awkward to update, so I’d gotten out of the habit. I have some affection for it, because I coded it (learning php and javascript in the process) but it couldn’t really compete with a professional content management system. Plus, there was no way for people to find it, and no way for anyone to give feedback.

So I’ve moved over to Tumblr – Tumblr, in case it’s new to you, is a micro-blogging platform with a focus on  pictures. Three_wise_men

One of the fun things is that if people like a particular image they can ‘re-blog’ – share – it on their Tumblog. And then it can get re-re-blogged – it’s a fun form of feedback watching image propagate across blogs like that. Sometimes it’s surprising too: my most popular image? Three Wise Men – shown right. I guess it has nerd appeal.

Anyhow, as I said, why not take a look?

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