The Beady Eyed Craftster is our occa­sional round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the inter­nets.











• This University of California: Santa Cruz exhib­it of Computational Origami looks super inter­est­ing. Computational ori­gami uses math­em­at­ics and com­puter mod­el­ling to assist ori­gami design­ers: real art and sci­ence in har­mony stuff.

• Also com­bin­ing art and sci­ence, this Kinetic Art show (part 1, part 2) described at We Make Money Not Art has some really fas­cin­at­ing machines that do make art. I par­tic­u­larly like Paul the draw­ing robot.

• YouTube ‘How-to’ time: Craftzine shows us how to make a intric­ate paper mask. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of masks, but I’m no expert on mak­ing them, so I’m col­lect­ing info like this.

• Making or bind­ing a sketch­book or journ­al is also some­thing I’ve been think­ing about for a while, so I read this tutori­al with interest – looks pretty good doesn’t it? I might have to try some­thing sim­il­ar.

• Is this the smal­lest let­ter­press machine in the world? No idea, but it’s a neat bit of work.

• Non craft link of the week: Lego Science! This Wired art­icle has a set of cool Lego mod­els of science‑y things: space shuttles, DNA, a kid­ney. Worth a look if you’re a fan of blocks.

As ever, if you’ve got links, share ‘em in the com­ments.

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