The Beady Eyed Craftster is our occa­sional round-up of shiny (mostly) art and craft related links from across the internets.











• Needle felt­ing is another of those crafts I’ve been think­ing about for a while, and so I found this tutorial on Needle Felting Angry Birds very inter­est­ing, and the geeky sub­ject mat­ter helps as well.

• Staying with birds, Misha spot­ted this cool cro­cheted chicken pin-cushion on Etsy, and the min­i­bytes shop has some other cool pieces.

• This next link is covered in bees! Hannah Haworth has knit­ted 50 life sized bees. As she points out, that’s 100 antenna and 300 legs. Mind you, if you’re going for a life-sized model, bees are the they way to go. They look bril­liant, but her Gallery has some even more impress­ive pieces – like wolves and whales.

• Is it too meta to link to a round-up in our round-up? After birds and bees, we need flowers. and the always excel­lent Curbly deliv­ers with a set of 7 paper flower tutori­als.

• Also fol­low­ing on from the birds and bees; a baby. A slightly scary but cool cyborg baby, plus some other cyber sculp­ture from Ziwon Wang (via The Creator’s Project).

• Not-really-craft-link of the week: BoingBoing brings us Doogie Horner’s chart: “The Work Habits of the Moon and Sun”. Which are you?

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