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• How many pro­jects do you see that com­bine high-energy phys­ics and quilt­ing? Well, here’s one more: Kate Findlay makes quilts inspired by the Large Hadron Collider.

• Another ‘one per day’ pro­ject, in this case one on a sub­ject close to this blog’s heart: Rupa dasGupta has been draw­ing an octopus a day since 2010. Check out her ima­gin­at­ive, sinu­ous and often semi-abstract octo­podes.

• Still on octo­podes, have you seen this cool Tentacle Scarf over on Etsy? Want!

• Also close to this blog’s heart: but­tons! Handmade wooden but­tons, no less – Katie Startzman shows us how.

• Not some­thing I ever expec­ted to see, but these Downton Abbey Paper Dolls(!) by Kyle Hilton are fun, with some nice bits of design. The Dowager Countess is the best, of course.

• Non craft link time: Radio host Jesse Thorn gives us Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success”, which des­pite the tongue-in-cheek title is a col­lec­tion of mini case stud­ies of sev­er­al indie cre­at­ors. No crafters, it’s all indie musi­cians, web-car­toon­ists and new media types, but many of the ideas are applic­able whatever is is you’re mak­ing.

Once again, if there any links you’d like to share – leave a com­ment.

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2 Responses to Beady Eyed Craftster: Tentacles, Physics, Downton Abbey

  1. Rupa says:

    Thanks so much for the octopus a day love! So pleased that you like my work 🙂

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