It’s com­monly acknow­ledged that a blog has lost its way once the author starts post­ing about their cats. Well, we’ve cer­tainly dodged that bul­let.

puppyThis is Monty, the new­est mem­ber of the UnArt fam­ily. I’m not sure we’ll per­suade him to do much craft blog­ging: he does present us with little gifts now and again – but they’re not the sort of things we’re likely to blog about! In gen­er­al, Monty is more inter­ested in destruc­tion than cre­ation.

So if the next post is even more badly spelled than usu­al, and focussed on squir­rels; it’s prob­ably a Monty post.

There’s more pho­tos on our flickr feed.

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