Another quick post to share a piece of Valentine craft with you. This year I decided to make my lovely wife a gift instead of buying pre-made things. Rather than my lack of money being a limiting factor, my lack of talent would be instead!

box1I started with a cheap wooden box from The Works. You get what you pay for here: and I paid very little. Romantic, eh? I had to examine quite a lot of boxes until I found one that worked properly and looked pretty. And now I can’t find a way to rephrase that sentence so that it doesn’t read like innuendo.

Moving swiftly on, it was time for some sanding, masking, painting andbox2 distressing. Then for the tricky bit, I wanted to do a sort of scrollwork-y heart on the top. This is where some level of skill, practice or knowledge would have been nice. But, trusty multi-tool in hand I gave it a try.

box3It looked rather as if a team of woodworm had gone to town on it. But romantically inclined woodworm, so I call that a win.

My wife seemed to like it, but then I did fill it with chocolates – always a good idea to have a back-up plan.

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