button-rookTrawling around the web, Misha and I often find cool art, craft and design related links. They’re not usually enough to justify a full post, though. However, it occurred to me that we could collect half-a-dozen of these links and create an occasional ‘these are some shiny things wot I have spotted’ post. I even did a slightly spooky picture of a raven to go with it.

So, here we go:


Phil Cuttance makes remarkable geometrical looking vases. But I’m even more impressed with (and jealous of) the specialised art trolley he uses to make them – it’s well worth checking out the video on the site.

• Here’s a cool idea: over at Boing Boing, Dean Putney talks about his business card strategy. He has a set of business cards with just a smiley face “:)” on them – when he hands them out he asks people to draw in the rest of the picture, and he scans the results. Check the link for some of the sketches.

• Completely beyond my meagre mechanical skills, but these Animatronic Cat Ears on Instructables are a fun project for the technically minded. I wonder if these would let you communicate with an actual cat? Not that most cats would deign to talk to a smelly human.

• I’m a keen reader, but I’ve got to admit I never really got into Moby Dick; one guy who did, however, is  Matt Kish, who dedicated himself to illustrating a page of the novel a day, for 552 pages. I really like this kind of project, and it’s well worth checking out some of the resulting images. I especially like the use of ‘found paper’ as a drawing medium.

• Christoph Neimann has some excellent illustrations about being an illustrator – I particularly like The Periodic Table of Metaphors. Good stuff.

• Finally, it may be a non art/craft link, but the BBC’s Ocean Trench infographic resonates with our love of marine life. It’s also a neat bit of form/function thinking, with the mechanics of a web-page being integrated with the design of the graphics.

If you’ve found any shiny links buried in the internet, why not let us know in the comments?

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