button-rookTrawling around the web, Misha and I often find cool art, craft and design related links. They’re not usu­ally enough to jus­ti­fy a full post, though. However, it occurred to me that we could col­lect half-a-dozen of these links and cre­ate an occa­sion­al ‘these are some shiny things wot I have spot­ted’ post. I even did a slightly spooky pic­ture of a raven to go with it.

So, here we go:


Phil Cuttance makes remark­able geo­met­ric­al look­ing vases. But I’m even more impressed with (and jeal­ous of) the spe­cial­ised art trol­ley he uses to make them – it’s well worth check­ing out the video on the site.

• Here’s a cool idea: over at Boing Boing, Dean Putney talks about his busi­ness card strategy. He has a set of busi­ness cards with just a smi­ley face “:)” on them – when he hands them out he asks people to draw in the rest of the pic­ture, and he scans the res­ults. Check the link for some of the sketches.

• Completely bey­ond my mea­gre mech­an­ic­al skills, but these Animatronic Cat Ears on Instructables are a fun pro­ject for the tech­nic­ally minded. I won­der if these would let you com­mu­nic­ate with an actu­al cat? Not that most cats would deign to talk to a smelly human.

• I’m a keen read­er, but I’ve got to admit I nev­er really got into Moby Dick; one guy who did, how­ever, is  Matt Kish, who ded­ic­ated him­self to illus­trat­ing a page of the nov­el a day, for 552 pages. I really like this kind of pro­ject, and it’s well worth check­ing out some of the res­ult­ing images. I espe­cially like the use of ‘found paper’ as a draw­ing medi­um.

• Christoph Neimann has some excel­lent illus­tra­tions about being an illus­trat­or – I par­tic­u­larly like The Periodic Table of Metaphors. Good stuff.

• Finally, it may be a non art/craft link, but the BBC’s Ocean Trench infograph­ic res­on­ates with our love of mar­ine life. It’s also a neat bit of form/function think­ing, with the mech­an­ics of a web-page being integ­rated with the design of the graph­ics.

If you’ve found any shiny links bur­ied in the inter­net, why not let us know in the com­ments?

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