Hi folks, and Happy New Year.

As usu­al UnArt cel­eb­rated Christmas and the New Year by slack­ing off with our –already infre­quent– blog­ging. What with gifts to pre­pare, food to cook, dec­or­a­tions to hang and toys to play with, crafty mat­ters kind of took a back seat – with a couple of excep­tions, one of which I want to share today.

xmas_cardSo, what with all the busy-busy I found myself approach­ing Christmas without a card to give Misha. Sure, I could have giv­en here one of our UnArt cards (linky linky link), but there’s some­thing a little bor­ing about giv­ing someone a card that they’ve been busily selling at craft fairs. For that reas­on, I prefer to give my wife hand­made cards whenev­er pos­sible.

The trouble was that unless I wanted to spoil the sur­prise by say­ing “I’m going to make your card now: do not dis­turb”, I wouldn’t be able to spend very long mak­ing it: prob­ably around 15 minutes or so.

So what tech­nique to use? Paper-cut, I decided. It’s low pre­par­a­tion, single tool and –for simplist­ic designs like this– nice and quick.

Ok, so what design? Well, we were spend­ing Christmas bliss­fully alone, so I though a little cot­tage in a secluded pine forest would be a nice gift – but our budget wouldn’t run to that so a card depict­ing the same would have to do.

As you might notice from the pic­tures (click for big­ger), I made two mis­takes: firstly, until I cut it I didn’t real­ise the nice green card I used had a white core, and secondly, out of the elev­enty-bil­lion craft knives I own, I man­aged to use one that wasn’t 100% sharp. That’s why I ended up with notice­able burring on a lot of the cuts – though on the trees I can at least pass it of as a dust­ing of snow.

Anyway, apo­lo­gia aside, I pretty happy with it, and so was Misha.

It does make me want to look at get­ting a com­puter driv­en cut­ter though, but they’re really pricey. If any­one out there has any exper­i­ence with them, please let us know in the com­ments.

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