Hi folks, and Happy New Year.

As usual UnArt celebrated Christmas and the New Year by slacking off with our –already infrequent– blogging. What with gifts to prepare, food to cook, decorations to hang and toys to play with, crafty matters kind of took a back seat – with a couple of exceptions, one of which I want to share today.

xmas_cardSo, what with all the busy-busy I found myself approaching Christmas without a card to give Misha. Sure, I could have given here one of our UnArt cards (linky linky link), but there’s something a little boring about giving someone a card that they’ve been busily selling at craft fairs. For that reason, I prefer to give my wife handmade cards whenever possible.

The trouble was that unless I wanted to spoil the surprise by saying “I’m going to make your card now: do not disturb”, I wouldn’t be able to spend very long making it: probably around 15 minutes or so.

So what technique to use? Paper-cut, I decided. It’s low preparation, single tool and –for simplistic designs like this– nice and quick.

Ok, so what design? Well, we were spending Christmas blissfully alone, so I though a little cottage in a secluded pine forest would be a nice gift – but our budget wouldn’t run to that so a card depicting the same would have to do.

As you might notice from the pictures (click for bigger), I made two mistakes: firstly, until I cut it I didn’t realise the nice green card I used had a white core, and secondly, out of the eleventy-billion craft knives I own, I managed to use one that wasn’t 100% sharp. That’s why I ended up with noticeable burring on a lot of the cuts – though on the trees I can at least pass it of as a dusting of snow.

Anyway, apologia aside, I pretty happy with it, and so was Misha.

It does make me want to look at getting a computer driven cutter though, but they’re really pricey. If anyone out there has any experience with them, please let us know in the comments.

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