Just a quick post to share an awe­some pic­ture with you…

Becky bought one of our ‘Sabotage’ prints for her fath­er as a Christmas present, and she was kind enough to send this pic­ture of the framed res­ults to us:

sabotage_framedAs you can see, Becky has done an excel­lent job with the fram­ing: nice pro­por­tions and a very well chosen back­ground col­our.

(The robot alarm clock –anoth­er Christmas present, appar­ently– is also very cool: even though he’s only a little robot he still looks a bit wor­ried!)

It’s great to see oth­er people enjoy­ing Sabotage — it’s one of my favour­ite images. It was designed as propaganda/public inform­a­tion from a par­al­lel uni­verse (one where big robots were in charge), and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

And it looks even bet­ter framed.

Thanks again to Becky for shar­ing the pic­ture with us, and giv­ing me per­mis­sion to repost it.

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