Just a quick post to share an awesome picture with you…

Becky bought one of our ‘Sabotage’ prints for her father as a Christmas present, and she was kind enough to send this picture of the framed results to us:

sabotage_framedAs you can see, Becky has done an excellent job with the framing: nice proportions and a very well chosen background colour.

(The robot alarm clock –another Christmas present, apparently– is also very cool: even though he’s only a little robot he still looks a bit worried!)

It’s great to see other people enjoying Sabotage – it’s one of my favourite images. It was designed as propaganda/public information from a parallel universe (one where big robots were in charge), and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

And it looks even better framed.

Thanks again to Becky for sharing the picture with us, and giving me permission to repost it.

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