I’m very excited. November 2011 her­alds the second anniversary of Inspiration Month at UnArts. Why is this so excit­ing, aside from the obvi­ous inspir­a­tion­al aspect? Because Inspiration Month is the first offi­cial tra­di­tion we star­ted in our inaug­ur­al year as UnRuley Articles. And I’m big on tra­di­tions. Old ones, new ones, just-a-twinkle-in-their-par­ents-eye ones.

To mark this moment­ous second anniversary we’ve got a host of blog posts com­ing down the pike show­cas­ing the dif­fer­ent and won­der­ful things, people, places and events that inspire us.


Lillypad in a puddle

Lillypad in a puddle

Our back garden provides me with a nev­er end­ing sup­ply of joy and inspir­a­tion. So much green. All those wild, and not so wild things grow­ing. The winged and the furry wild life stop­ping in for a rest, to build a nest, grab a snack or take a drink in our tiny pond.

Goodness me, I love our garden. It’s my sanc­tu­ary, my san­ity check, my biggest source of lost hours on a Sunday after­noon, not to men­tion all over body stiff­ness, lower back pain, messy nails and dirty feet. And I would­n’t change that for any money in the world.



On November 11th, 1951 Laura Leigh Moore entered this wild won­der­ful world. And on November 12th, 2011, Laura will be rejoicing in her first sixty years with a one woman show, Stepping into the Light. Unfortunately we can­’t get across the pond to share in my mother­’s music­al cel­eb­ra­tion of life, but we’ll be there in spir­it. Happy Birthday, mum.


Wrens Nest ancient sea bed

Wrens Nest ancient sea bed

The Wren’s Nest in Dudley, West Midlands, England. Were you can walk along an ancient sea bed. Stumble on fossils. Spy foxes, greet fel­low trav­el­ers, and dodge the odd illeg­al motor­bike.

A ten minute hike will find you look­ing across the Dudley city land­scape and out to Dudley castle. It’s breath­tak­ing, and I don’t just mean the steep climb to the top.




Bearwood Handmade Holiday Festival

Bearwood Handmade Holiday Festival

UnRuley Articles is join­ing forces with thirty-nine oth­er vibrant and tal­en­ted loc­al craftspeople at the second annu­al Bearwood Handmade, a Christmas Holiday Faire.

Presented by the Crafty Muthas, Bearwood Handmade is being held over two sep­ar­ate events: 19th Nov & 3rd Dec 2011.

We’ll be sling­ing our wears with nine­teen oth­er bakers, artists and cre­at­ive types on Saturday, 19th November from 10 am to 4pm. Come join the fun! We’d love to see you there.



Lastly, and just as import­antly, we want to hear about what makes you tick. This month, and well into the future, we look for­ward to hear­ing about the kinds of things that inspire you. If you’re in a shar­ing mood, then please post your muses, recent cre­ations, and inspir­a­tions in our com­ments sec­tion below.

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  1. Bec says:

    That walk in Dudley sounds very inspir­a­tion­al — love the idea of com­mun­ing with nature for some down and dirty inspir­a­tion!

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