You know that occa­sion­ally we like to point you at oth­er artists and crafts-people that we admire. Well, although you won’t find any short stor­ies on Etsy, I think we can count writ­ing as a craft, as well as an art. (The whole art versus craft debate I’ll leave to smarter blog­gers than I!)

So I’m going to link to the blog of an author: Georgina Bruce. She’s a pub­lished writer and, more import­antly, a tal­en­ted writer – the former not always imply­ing the lat­ter I’m‑looking-at-you-Dan-Brown.

Now, you might sug­gest that I’m biased since, by some quirk of fate, Georgina is my sis­ter. However, if you knew my fam­ily you’d real­ise that this is more likely to pro­voke bias against rather than for.

She’s got some stor­ies up at her new web­site, so if you’re a fan of words, par­tic­u­larly those which are hand­craf­ted into excel­lent sen­tences and feli­cit­ous para­graphs, why not take a look?

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