You know that occasionally we like to point you at other artists and crafts-people that we admire. Well, although you won’t find any short stories on Etsy, I think we can count writing as a craft, as well as an art. (The whole art versus craft debate I’ll leave to smarter bloggers than I!)

So I’m going to link to the blog of an author: Georgina Bruce. She’s a published writer and, more importantly, a talented writer – the former not always implying the latter I’m-looking-at-you-Dan-Brown.

Now, you might suggest that I’m biased since, by some quirk of fate, Georgina is my sister. However, if you knew my family you’d realise that this is more likely to provoke bias against rather than for.

She’s got some stories up at her new website, so if you’re a fan of words, particularly those which are handcrafted into excellent sentences and felicitous paragraphs, why not take a look?

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