Introducing our new col­lec­tion of what we like to call “Cephalopostcards”. I’ve been talk­ing about them for a while, but they’re finally up on Etsy.

I covered each of the illus­tra­tions sep­ar­ately, but here’s a quick recap:-
Octomism: Tired of pess­im­ism? Unhappy with optim­ism? Try some­thing more tentacle‑y!
Squid Make Great Bath-time Buddies: Well, someone needed to say it!
Nautilus Morning: Because we all have that sort of day every so often.
Undead Pirate Squid: Arr-matey! Brains!! <um…tentacle noise>!!!

I’m very pleased with how these turned out – the fin­ish is a little bit nicer that the last set, and the back looks more pro­fes­sion­al. They’re up on Etsy now, so check out the list­ing for more and big­ger pic­tures.

Article Details

Item: Cephalopostcards — set of 4 ceph­alo­pod post­cards

Dimensions: 4.13″ x 5.82″ (105mm x 148mm)

Materials: Professionally prin­ted on 350gsm acid and lignin free stock

Availability: Available on ETSY — click for details

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