Skeletal Privateer Cephalopod! Squid are cool. Really cool. Some are big, some are scary, some are just plain weird, but they’re all cool.

Pirates are cool. Um, not like actual pirates, all bloodthirsty and impolite, but fictional pirates. Traditional enemy of the Ninja. Sayers of “Arr”. Renowned swashbucklers – and there’s no way to swash a buckle without looking really cool.

The Undead are cool. Literally. Plus, very much on trend. You can’t throw a rock nowadays without hitting some mournful vampire or brain-hungry zombie. Maybe a bit overexposed, but still cool.

So in which case the subject of today’s postcard must be cool to the power of three.


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One Response to Undead Pirate Squid, yeah!

  1. […] needed to say it! • Nautilus Morning: Because we all have that sort of day every so often. • Undead Pirate Squid: Arr-matey! Brains!! <um…tentacle […]

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