Skeletal Privateer Cephalopod! Squid are cool. Really cool. Some are big, some are scary, some are just plain weird, but they’re all cool.

Pirates are cool. Um, not like actu­al pir­ates, all bloodthirsty and impol­ite, but fic­tion­al pir­ates. Traditional enemy of the Ninja. Sayers of “Arr”. Renowned swash­buck­lers – and there’s no way to swash a buckle without look­ing really cool.

The Undead are cool. Literally. Plus, very much on trend. You can’t throw a rock nowadays without hit­ting some mourn­ful vam­pire or brain-hungry zom­bie. Maybe a bit over­ex­posed, but still cool.

So in which case the sub­ject of today’s post­card must be cool to the power of three.


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One Response to Undead Pirate Squid, yeah!

  1. […] needed to say it! • Nautilus Morning: Because we all have that sort of day every so often. • Undead Pirate Squid: Arr-matey! Brains!! <um…tentacle […]

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