Another day, anoth­er post­card. Today brings you the philo­sophy I like to call Octomism.

What is Octomism? Well, one could say it’s a bit like optim­ism, only with more tentacles – but maybe that misses the point. Octomistic-Redux

A pess­im­ist focuses on the neg­at­ive, see­ing only fail­ings and flaws. An optim­ist focuses on the pos­it­ive, see­ing the hope and cheer.

Octomism looks bey­ond ‘is my life good or bad?’ and instead asks ‘is my life inter­est­ing?’, i.e. does is con­tain octo­podes?

The good thing about this is that while we don’t have con­trol over wheth­er we’re get­ting good luck or bad, but we can con­trol wheth­er or not things are inter­est­ing. There are always ways to make things more inter­est­ing after all, and some­times the inter­est­ing things in our lives are simply cam­ou­flaged (some­thing that octo­podes are rather good at).

So anyway,there it is: Octomism. I’m sure it will sweep the world, and replace all those philo­sophies that made the fool­ish mis­take of not con­tain­ing ceph­alo­pods.

Any time now.

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