Another day, another postcard. Today brings you the philosophy I like to call Octomism.

What is Octomism? Well, one could say it’s a bit like optimism, only with more tentacles – but maybe that misses the point. Octomistic-Redux

A pessimist focuses on the negative, seeing only failings and flaws. An optimist focuses on the positive, seeing the hope and cheer.

Octomism looks beyond ‘is my life good or bad?’ and instead asks ‘is my life interesting?’, i.e. does is contain octopodes?

The good thing about this is that while we don’t have control over whether we’re getting good luck or bad, but we can control whether or not things are interesting. There are always ways to make things more interesting after all, and sometimes the interesting things in our lives are simply camouflaged (something that octopodes are rather good at).

So anyway,there it is: Octomism. I’m sure it will sweep the world, and replace all those philosophies that made the foolish mistake of not containing cephalopods.

Any time now.

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