As I men­tioned last time, I’m in the pro­cess of get­ting a set of post­cards prin­ted of some of my digit­al work, so I’m write a little about each image I’m includ­ing.

Just Another Nautilus Morning It def­in­itely seems that there are too many of cer­tain sorts of days and not enough of oth­er sorts.

For example, ‘sci­ence’ (i.e. 30 seconds in Excel) has recently proved con­clus­ively (see graph below) that in any giv­en week there are twice as many Mondays than any oth­er day! Science!

Fridays, in con­trast, are very rare; almost as rare as Nautilus Mornings.

What’s a nautilus morn­ing, you ask?

Well, it’s one of those days when you wake up, look out of the win­dow, and see a flo­tilla of giant nautiluses hov­er­ing in the dawn sky.

Yes, it’s a bit annoy­ing when they knock TV aer­i­als off roofs, or steal chil­dren’s kites, but believe me, atmo­spher­ic nautiluses are much less incon­veni­ent than air-squid.

No, we really don’t see enough morn­ings like that, do we?

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