Felt Holly Ball Ornament

This weekend I was determined to make Christmas ornaments using materials already stockpiled in my craft arsenal. Being a woman of action, and because there was nothing to watch on TV, I declared my ornamentary plan of attack and headed upstairs. Leaving my husband nestled safely in his comfy chair heroically saving the world from orcs or zombies, or zombie orcs, or incredibly hot alien chicks with lasers. Which, incidentally, makes me incredibly jealous. Why can’t I have lasers? The world is so unfair, lacking as it is in lasers and hot alien minions ready and willing to help me make ornaments.

Laserless but not deterred, I sat myself down, pulled out all manner of shiny, yummy, happy Christmassy supplies and proceeded to spend a good two hours making ornaments. Two small round ornaments, to be precise. Two small round ornaments of fail. Not partial fail. Nor fixable fail. Pure, unadulterated, unappealing fail. Knowing that lasers would have almost probably ensured my success, I became ever so slightly deterred. At which point my darling husband, victorious from his latest computerized battle, came upstairs to inspect my creations.

I exasperated and fussed at him, ruing my wasted attempt at craftless Christmas cheer. Then dangled the sad Grinch worthy things in the air as proof. Being cheery and British, and still aglow from his laptop machinations, he reassured me. “They’re not that bad, honey.” Only they were. So much so I don’t want to post pictures of them here. “At least now you know how (not) to do it for next time. It’s a learning process, babe.” Said he, calmly reminding me for the bazillionth time to adjust my perspective.

Ben soothed. I grumbled my disappointment of not being able to do something perfect on the first go. Charming trait, don’t you agree? Several more grumbles and soothings later, Ben reminded me that this was supposed to be fun and shouldn’t I maybe consider possibly doing something else instead? Which was perfectly, precisely true. And I knew it. I nodded agreement and, waving my white felt square in the air, launched into my Ornamentary Plan B of Attack using buttons, felt, ribbon; a few of my favourite things.

Button your baubles

And so the rest of the evening was spent happily making ornaments together. Two large elves felting away the Grinch who stole craftmas. Ben at his desk cutting felt (too bad about those lasers). Me at mine sewing and stitching. Feeling the thrill of a plan in action and instant satisfactory results (the blog about patience is down the hall and to your left).

Felt your baubles

The only thing that could stop us was… well, dinner. And something really good on the telly for me with another quick game for the mister whose battle, it would seem, is never truly won (never mind being married to me). Then the clock ticking eleven thirty and it’s a work night so to bed we go where I dreamed of giant ornaments and lighted trees covered in snow.

Up again and back to crafting for me while Ben braved freezing fog into work. Halfway through the next stage of ornamental execution we ran out of felt. So I’m breaking my initial rule and tomorrow will head to the store for several sheets more. There are far too many lovely iconic Holiday shapes to honour, we can’t stop at just three.

Felt Bells

Felt Bells

And so it was that our UnRuley Christmas was saved by a handful of holly, a few yellow bells, some bright red and purple baubles with snowflakes, ribbon and buttons stitched in. The Grinch didn’t stand a chance.

Next year, we’re going to have lasers. I’ve already sent my wish list to Santa. I should have had Ben ask instead of me. He’s better at being nice.

Felt, Button, Ribbon & Bling, But No Laser

Craftmas 2010

The Season of Goodwill is upon us with many festivals to celebrate. A whole lot of goodness. Hanukkah, the festival of lights, has begun. As of this post here in the U.K. there are fourteen days until Winter Solstice and eighteen days until Christmas. Happy holly-daze, dear reader. Enjoy the spirit of the season, craft often, and keep that mean one mister Grinch at bay.

<3 Misha

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