Felt Holly Ball Ornament

This week­end I was determ­ined to make Christmas orna­ments using mater­i­als already stock­piled in my craft arsen­al. Being a woman of action, and because there was noth­ing to watch on TV, I declared my orna­ment­ary plan of attack and headed upstairs. Leaving my hus­band nestled safely in his com­fy chair hero­ic­ally sav­ing the world from orcs or zom­bies, or zom­bie orcs, or incred­ibly hot ali­en chicks with lasers. Which, incid­ent­ally, makes me incred­ibly jeal­ous. Why can­’t I have lasers? The world is so unfair, lack­ing as it is in lasers and hot ali­en min­ions ready and will­ing to help me make orna­ments.

Laserless but not deterred, I sat myself down, pulled out all man­ner of shiny, yummy, happy Christmassy sup­plies and pro­ceeded to spend a good two hours mak­ing orna­ments. Two small round orna­ments, to be pre­cise. Two small round orna­ments of fail. Not par­tial fail. Nor fix­able fail. Pure, unadul­ter­ated, unap­peal­ing fail. Knowing that lasers would have almost prob­ably ensured my suc­cess, I became ever so slightly deterred. At which point my darling hus­band, vic­tori­ous from his latest com­pu­ter­ized battle, came upstairs to inspect my cre­ations.

I exas­per­ated and fussed at him, ruing my wasted attempt at craft­less Christmas cheer. Then dangled the sad Grinch worthy things in the air as proof. Being cheery and British, and still aglow from his laptop mach­in­a­tions, he reas­sured me. “They’re not that bad, honey.” Only they were. So much so I don’t want to post pic­tures of them here. “At least now you know how (not) to do it for next time. It’s a learn­ing pro­cess, babe.” Said he, calmly remind­ing me for the bazil­lionth time to adjust my per­spect­ive.

Ben soothed. I grumbled my dis­ap­point­ment of not being able to do some­thing per­fect on the first go. Charming trait, don’t you agree? Several more grumbles and sooth­ings later, Ben reminded me that this was sup­posed to be fun and should­n’t I maybe con­sider pos­sibly doing some­thing else instead? Which was per­fectly, pre­cisely true. And I knew it. I nod­ded agree­ment and, wav­ing my white felt square in the air, launched into my Ornamentary Plan B of Attack using but­tons, felt, rib­bon; a few of my favour­ite things.

Button your baubles

And so the rest of the even­ing was spent hap­pily mak­ing orna­ments togeth­er. Two large elves felt­ing away the Grinch who stole craft­mas. Ben at his desk cut­ting felt (too bad about those lasers). Me at mine sew­ing and stitch­ing. Feeling the thrill of a plan in action and instant sat­is­fact­ory res­ults (the blog about patience is down the hall and to your left).

Felt your baubles

The only thing that could stop us was… well, din­ner. And some­thing really good on the telly for me with anoth­er quick game for the mis­ter whose battle, it would seem, is nev­er truly won (nev­er mind being mar­ried to me). Then the clock tick­ing elev­en thirty and it’s a work night so to bed we go where I dreamed of giant orna­ments and lighted trees covered in snow.

Up again and back to craft­ing for me while Ben braved freez­ing fog into work. Halfway through the next stage of orna­ment­al exe­cu­tion we ran out of felt. So I’m break­ing my ini­tial rule and tomor­row will head to the store for sev­er­al sheets more. There are far too many lovely icon­ic Holiday shapes to hon­our, we can­’t stop at just three.

Felt Bells

Felt Bells

And so it was that our UnRuley Christmas was saved by a hand­ful of holly, a few yel­low bells, some bright red and purple baubles with snow­flakes, rib­bon and but­tons stitched in. The Grinch did­n’t stand a chance.

Next year, we’re going to have lasers. I’ve already sent my wish list to Santa. I should have had Ben ask instead of me. He’s bet­ter at being nice.

Felt, Button, Ribbon & Bling, But No Laser

Craftmas 2010

The Season of Goodwill is upon us with many fest­ivals to cel­eb­rate. A whole lot of good­ness. Hanukkah, the fest­iv­al of lights, has begun. As of this post here in the U.K. there are four­teen days until Winter Solstice and eight­een days until Christmas. Happy holly-daze, dear read­er. Enjoy the spir­it of the sea­son, craft often, and keep that mean one mis­ter Grinch at bay.

<3 Misha

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