November was Inspiration Month here at UnArt. In case you missed any of it, here’s a quick catch-up:

♦ Where It All Began

Misha talks about the necklace that inspired her to start making button jewellery.

♦ Eight Armfuls of Inspiration

Ben writes about octopodes, and why he thinks they’re so cool.

♦ Oh Pixmas Tree!

Oh Pixmas Tree, Oh Pixmas Tree, Ben talks about the inspiration for thee!

♦ Don’t be Koi about Inspiration!

Ouch – apologies for the pun! Ben talks fish.

♦ Three Wise BusinessWomen

Misha writes about three of the business women she finds most inspirational.


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  1. […] at UnArts. Why is this so excit­ing, aside from the obvi­ous inspir­a­tional aspect? Because Inspiration Month is the first offi­cial tra­di­tion we star­ted in our inaug­ural year as UnRuley Articles. And […]

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