As most of you know, we sell a selec­tion of Articles on Why Etsy? Because of  its repu­ta­tion as a respec­ted, hand­made driv­en and well presen­ted online shop­ping exper­i­ence. We also hap­pen to love a lot of the gor­geous things on offer there.

Truth is, UnRuley Articles is a very, very small piece of the ever expand­ing Etsy empire. It can be chal­len­ging to get our voice heard in the middle of all their enti­cing hand­made com­merce. Enter UK Etsy, a newly inspired con­tin­gent of UK based Etsy shop own­ers pas­sion­ate about mak­ing Handmade more vis­ible and access­ible to main­stream shop­pers in Britain and world­wide. They’ve come up with a spiffy idea to help both UK Etsy shop own­ers and their intrep­id cus­tom­ers: Throw a Silly Sale! They’ve invited UK shops to par­ti­cip­ate in a one day sales event. As you can guess we were only too delighted to jump on the Silly Sale band­wag­on!

It's Silly!

Etsy Silly Sale! 10% off

The Silly Sale offi­cially starts at 8pm Friday 8th (GMT) and ends at 8pm Saturday 11pm Friday 15th (GMT) There are buck­ets of shops prac­tic­ally throw­ing their hand­made good­ness at you! Luckily, many of the shops star­ted their sales early.

We launched our Silly Sale at mid­night last night, offer­ing 10% off cer­tain Silly Sale Articles with Free Shipping. You can find a list of those Articles here or view our Special Offers page.

A big part of the Silly Sale is about encour­aging shop own­ers to net­work and col­lab­or­ate with each oth­er. To get the word out to the masses, not just in the UK, but world­wide. This is a concept I ADORE. Word of mouth is a great way to gen­er­ate com­merce. And let’s face it, we all need a little (or a lot) of help in the com­merce depart­ment these days. Much of the net­work­ing is hap­pen­ing with­in the Etsy com­munity via Treasuries (Ben has blogged about Treasuries here).

While I love me some Treasury good­ness, I’d like to go bey­ond the con­fines of Etsy and bring our UK Silly Sale deep­er and fur­ther into the inter­nets. Which is why I’m here, typ­ing this blog and post­ing on our Facebook Fan Page to encour­age our read­ers to be silly for a day (or a life­time if you’re me) and take advant­age of all the Silly Sale items UK Etsy has to offer, most of us ship world­wide!

To help you in your search for the per­fect Silly item, here are a few links to UK Silly Sale Treasuries I think are pretty spec­tac­u­lar:

It’s a Red Letter Day — UK Silly Sale

In the Pink with the UK Silly Sale

Silly and Yellow

UK Silly Sale

Celebrating Sillyness in the UK

Thank you and have a fant­ast­ic, and silly, Friday!


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  1. Benjamin says:

    And the silly goes on…

    The sale has been exten­ded! Now 10% through to Friday.

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