Another part in our series high­light­ing Etsy works by oth­er people, in the form of an Etsy ‘Treasury’. Don’t know what a Treasury is? Check my post here.

There is no short­age of images depict­ing the sea and its creatures. Pardon the pun, but the world is awash with them. What fas­cin­ates me are the beau­ti­ful inter­pret­a­tions and diverse medi­ums artists use to bring their vis­ion of the sea and its inhab­it­ants to life. Indeed, there may be as many inter­pret­a­tions as there are ripples in the sea and col­ors to paint them.” – Misha



Click on any the pic­tures for more details about the item in ques­tion. Or check the Treasury as a whole here.

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