As men­tioned yes­ter­day, this is part of a series high­light­ing Etsy works by oth­er people, in the form of an Etsy ‘Treasury’. Don’t know what a Treasury is? Check my post here.

Lamps and lan­terns in all their guises provide inspir­a­tion as much as they do illu­min­a­tion. The imagery, and the light they prom­ise, remains an indelible sym­bol of what can be seen, ima­gined, dreamed and made alive at the flick of a switch. This is what I was search­ing for when I cre­ated my first treas­ury. The whimsy, hope­ful, real and ima­gined, some­times sad beauty and inspir­a­tion of light. I hope you enjoy my find­ings as much as I enjoyed search­ing them out.” – Misha



Click on any the pic­tures for more details about the item in ques­tion. Or check the Treasury as a whole here.

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